Tuesday, June 21, 2011

kaffir lime chiffon cake

Ever seen a kaffir lime? Well, I hadn’t until a month ago.

kaffir limes

Ever seen a chiffon cake tin? Well, I hadn’t until yesterday!

this cake tin has feet!

The flavour of this cake was limey but it was also a little bitter sometimes – I think it was the fact that kaffir limes have little lumps on their skin and when I zested them, I got more pith I would have than with a normal lime.

Chiffon tins, when turned onto their wee feet, ensure that the light cakes they hold don’t collapse in on themselves. Well, that’s the theory.

This was my first time using a chiffon tin and as documented in these pictures, it was a flop! The cake rose and browned on top beautifully but when I pulled it out, managing to turn it upside down at the same time, it ripped itself from the sides of the tin and fell out onto the table I’d rested the tin’s feet on. Aaargh!

I have no idea why it happened because I followed the directions quite carefully and I had strict instructions on how to use the tin... Well, I can’t wait to see my fellow Cake Slice Baker’s cakes so I can see if they had similar problems. I hope it wasn't the recipe we used (by Lauren Chattman) because that’d be so disappointing...

It's even more of a pity because the texture of the cake was amazingly soft and tender :)


  1. I've never seen kafir limes before and they look so gnarly! Thanks for sharing those with us.

    I'm not sure what happened to your cake but I say as long as it tasted good, it wasn't a complete loss, right?

  2. Your cake looks beautiful. Nice save with the powdered sugar and you know that 'rustic' is all the rage right? :) As long as it was good, it was a success in my book.


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