Friday, May 27, 2011

sushi warrior

If you're a sushi master, please know that the last time I made sushi I was probably 12 :)

We're working our way through the basics of cookery and this week at school, we focused on rice. Some facts I learnt:
  • rice was first thought to be cultivated in China 13,000 years ago!
  • in France, rice is le riz*
  • the word for cooked rice in Japan is the same word used to describe all food
  • student chefs in Japan have to make perfect rice every morning of their three years of training

Today we spent the whole day practicing different rice cooking techniques and because we made sushi rice, well, we had to make sushi! Now, I know it takes years and years of intense training and practice to become a master sushi chef, but I'm still going to show y'all a photo of the sushi I whipped up today because it was the best in the class, mwahahaha! Sorry if I sound like a poor winner or something but everyone has a dish that just works and today, mine was sushi. I even got a 'Sushi Warrior' medal!

Hey! Awkwardly big dipping sauce is trying to muscle in on my medal's glory! No, dipping sauce, no!

Please note I eschewed the other, more 'normal'** sushi fillings in favour of the Wonder that is Pickled Ginger.

Also, here is  nice picture of a half-wild cat sitting on a table. Normally I would not be impressed by cat bum being on a table but the poor thing is so sensitive that I just took a photo and left her to it.

Cat: "Don't startle me or I will freak you out by hiding somewhere for five days AGAIN".

*we're being prepped for work in top-notch French restaurants (hah) so we learn lots of French words for things.
**cream cheese in sushi? I don't care how 'in' it is right now, it's gross. It's like eating cream cheese straight; it's just not right.

As I type: A breakthrough?! The half-wild cat has decided to snuggle up and sleep beside me! She's making it a little hard for me to type and my shoulders hurt but, sigh, her tongue is poking out a little bit. 


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