Monday, May 23, 2011

cake slice bakers:orange almond caramel upside-down cake

First post! This cake is a nice homey kind of cake; buttery, orangey and with a nice soft crumb. All good in my book! 

breakfast slice

I made it quite late at night at my mum's house so I had to take photos of it (literally) at the crack of dawn before I drove home. I took a couple slices for myself and then left the rest with my mum. And here's the message she sent me the next day: "Toothbrush. Your cake is really delicious today. Crunchy n sticky on top n dense n flavourful on bottom. Yum. Xx". So there you have it from my taste tester! Anyhow, because the photos are so terrible, I've included a few photos of the gorgeous animals I live with.

we're getting to know each other... I haven't petted her yet but she's eaten apples out of my hand. one day. one day.

Can't wait for next month's CSB because we're baking TWO cakes ho ho ho!

why is shortness so adorable?!?! eeee!

Check out the CSB blogroll to get the recipe (I reduced the almonds from 1 cup to 3/4cup becuase 1 cup was just way too much).


  1. Toothbrush!! What a cute term of endearment!

    If mother said it was good... it was!

  2. Your cake looks yummy. You got the almond topping so nice and glossy.

  3. Very nice. My cake's caramel just stayed there covering the almonds. I skipped honey. Could be because of that. Horse is beautiful.


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